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Here's why MidasBooks is so different: There is no complicated or expensive software to buy. Everything is done online, securely and safely, and under the supervision of the Support Team. We monitor and check what you do as you go along. If you make a mistake, we help rectify it.

It is far better than working all year doing your bookkeeping, on accounting software that you don't understand, only to find out that you have done it all incorrectly!

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Then once we are happy that everything is in order, we do your tax return for you.
Why not read some Testimonials about this extraordinary online service from just a few of our many satisfied customers

Do you have any questions? Click on Online Support on the contact page (office hours) for an absolutely no obligation chat about your particular needs or challenges.
Or if outside office hours you can leave a message and we will get back to you, as soon as possible.

PS. We can even help you backdate your tax for up to 5 years. You could be entitled to a massive refund! Just contact a member of our support team and we will be happy to advise you.
Should you have any questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if they can be answered here.

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