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Case Study

Peter worked by day as a mortgage broker, tied to a company. So he was employed in a job.

By night, he was a distributor for a well known catalogue company, delivering catalogues and collecting the orders. He also recruited other distributors. As a result, he received a small monthly commission (his commission would have been more, but he was happy just to continue on a part time basis, to help pay for his mortgage)
For a long while, Peter did not declare this income to the tax office. As far as he was concerned, it was just extra pocket money cash that the tax people would treat as a hobby.

This was in fact incorrect. By not registering as self-employed as well as being employed, Peter would be in trouble with the authorities, and he would obviously be required to pay tax on his earnings.
Peter then decided to take out the No Rebate No Fee service to put his tax affairs in order.

Not only did the team help him avoid paying the fine, they sorted out his tax affairs.
Here’s the icing on the cake; As an employed person in a normal job, plus as a part time self employed person, he was in a unique position whereby he could legitimately claim many expenses, capital allowances, and other tax benefits.
It turned out that he was around £100  a month better off than when he was ‘under the radar’!

So if you are in a similar position whereby you are a part time self employed agent, distributor or canvasser for a company, talk to us. You could actually gain more than you are earning!


“I have just filed my tax returns. After all the calculations had been done, I am now due £2614.70 for the year. I am now going to do last year’s returns which looks to be about £880.This gives me a total of around £3500 for the 2 years!”              
Thank you so much  

“Even though our work from home earnings were small we had no idea that the tax man would actually owe us money.
We have now completed the 4 years which total approx £800 per year that we have overpaid in tax. So that’s a big rebate from the tax man”

 “I like the way you guys don’t talk down to me. I’ve learned so much about bookkeeping now”

“A big official THANK YOU to all of you. This week, i received a tax rebate of £820 for my first year in business. My advice to anyone contemplating this fantastic service is - stop thinking about it and register now, you will not regret it”
Ian H



“With your Support help and unlimited patience, I submitted my tax return online. I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked my bank account. The tax man had paid nearly £400 back to me in tax because of my self employed business! I had thought I might need to pay this amount in tax and had kept money back! This couldn't come at a better time of year - It will indeed be a Happy Christmas in our household! Once again thank you - what a fabulous service”

“Just a quick e-mail to say WOW! Today I have received my refund from my tax returns that you tirelessly sorted out for me and I must say I could not believe it.....over £2,000 has just landed in my account!"

“You are going to think I am slightly nuts, but I actually look forward to doing my books every week! It is so easy to do, and it is just a shame that I don’t have more income and expenses to put in – but I am working on that” Charley

"Thanks to your service, I have just received a tax rebate of £993. What a help. My advice is  - if you want to get a really big tax rebate, sign up for the service!"

“I am writing to let you know of the fantastic results achieved since signing on for your accounting program.
Prior to doing this I was employing an accountant at a cost of approximately £600 per year and for that sum I was doing 90% of the work myself.
Since signing on, the simple yet comprehensive tailor made system along with the Team’s personal and very friendly advise has managed to get me a £1,440 tax rebate for the last tax period!
And by taking the time to sit down and work over the figures with me, they established that I qualify for working tax credits benefit of £308 per month which I have received the first payment and several hundred pounds from the date I requested the claim form.
Thank you"


Just to let you know. That the nice man at the Inland Revenue has deposited £955.24 into my bank account today........ Once again it’s a happy day in sunny Manchester.

I filed the return last Friday, received cash Weds.

Once again Thanks for ALL your help -

I would like to say a BIG thank you for the tax rebate I received yesterday..... through your patience and support I received £1,022 I never imagined getting a rebate for having a part time agent’s business....... I would urge anyone who isn’t a subscriber to sign up for the service, it is a fantastic, simple to understand program  

The Bookkeeping service has been fantastic for us!  We just followed what you  told us to do and we got our rebate which was in excess of £1800!  That was a great help to us, and if it had not been for all your hard work, we would not have even thought about claiming”

”Hope you do not mind me just taking this opportunity to say thank you so much for all your help. We have never even met and yet I have received so much encouragement and help from you in unravelling my problems following a disastrous experience with an idiot of an accountant. Should we never get to meet and I get to say it to you personally, I want you to know I am so grateful for all your efforts”         

Case Study

John had been in business for many years.
Like others, he was too busy running his own business to worry about his accounts.
“Oh,” he used to say “I’ve got a bookkeeper and accountant that does all of that”
Then one day, he called us to ask for a bit of free info, as he was getting a little worried about his tax affairs.

“I never know what’s going on from one day to the next” he admitted. “I just do what the accountant tells me, and I sign whatever he tells me to sign. But I realised that it was not healthy to sign off my tax return without knowing what I am doing”
John was right to be concerned. If an accountant makes an error, it is not their responsibility. It is the person who signed the form stating that everything on it was correct!

We took a look at his accounts, previous tax returns etc. They were in an absolutely awful mess from start to finish. For example – even though  John had moved house several times on his way up the business success ladder, the tax office and other financial institutions were not aware of it. Even his correct registered office was not recorded at Companies House, even though his accountant had been communicating with various financial departments over different matters.

This might seem insignificant, but when we tried to unravel his tax challenges, we first of all had to get all of the paperwork in order, which took weeks! The financial departments are not known for their speed……

Having done that, we then attempted to unravel his previous accounts and tax returns. What a mess…the accountant had guessed a lot of the information, and John had guessed at some of the information that he was asked to produce, as he didn’t know what he was doing – neither did he have a clue about what was going on.

The first foray into his accounts, bank accounts, etc revealed numerous errors, old direct debits and standing orders that were still being paid, bank account charges that need not have been paid, and accounts that were no longer required, but which were being kept open for no reason, creating more unnecessary fees. A lot of money was sitting languishing in a couple of bank accounts generating little or no interest, and money was being transferred for a holiday property abroad which was costing a fortune to transfer, and at a very poor exchange rate.

So an exercise was carried out, whereby the banks accounts etc were all tidied up, and put in a proper sensible order. Several hundred pounds a month was saved instantly by doing this. The regular foreign transfers were sorted out, saving fortunes in money transfer fees, whilst getting an excellent commercial exchange rate (banks usually only give a tourist exchange rate).


Then the task of unravelling the mysteries of the crazy accounting system began.
Even though it was costing John over 2000 pounds a month in combined bookkeeper/accounting fees, it soon became clear that the various people hadn’t done their jobs properly. When we questioned them, they blamed each other for the errors.
For example, John seemed to be the only person on the planet that worked a 13 month year! This stupid anomaly had been going on for several years. The accountant, when questioned, was of the opinion that they could only work with the figures they were presented with. The bookkeeper stated that she had questioned the accountant about it, and was told that it would eventually right itself – probably.

The more we delved, the more horrifying things became. P60’s were missing, other important documents were missing, John had been given incorrect information about how to even pay himself, and he ended up paying huge and unnecessary  amounts in corporation tax every year, just because the accountant stated it was what he owed – simply because they wanted an easier life, and were far too busy to actually care  about whether the figures were correct, or the reasons for paying a lot of Corporation tax were explored.

No wonder John was worried!

It took about 3 months. John is now happy that not only are things back on an even keel, and he is saving fortunes in both his business and private life, he has his finger on the pulse.
In fact, when we communicated with John recently, he revealed the following:

“I can’t thank you guys enough.  I can check my online bookkeeping whenever I want, and I actually understand them as well because of the simplicity of the system .
But what I don’t get is how you guys can provide the service for the price you do, especially as my circumstances were so complicated. I paid the same as everyone else, and about 90% less than I used to pay those bumbling idiots. If I hadn’t got to grips with it, I reckon my business and my future would have been damaged beyond repair. One investigation from the tax man would have probably closed me down, and I wouldn’t have been able to blame anyone but myself. The main thing is that I can sleep at night, and I actually enjoy my business now instead of worrying my socks off. Thank you so much”


“I recently signed up for your service. After a long and helpful conversation I updated last year’s accounts by following your online software instructions. I have passed the paperwork through to my accountant and he has added it to my other tax affairs. He tells me this morning that the expenses that I have incurred will mean that my tax bill will fall by around £1400!” 

“You’ve just helped me to claim a tax rebate of £450. It has saved me over £100 this year on accountancy fees alone, and this has enabled me to gain control of my own business (and personal finances) for the first time since I became self employed in 1998, with paper & computer copies of all the information I could need or want”

“My big headache since starting this business has been filling in my tax return every year. I would leave it till the last minute to fill my form in just in time to avoid the £100 fine, this year was no different except I decided to use your bookkeeping service. WOW what a difference this made with your expert help I completed my tax return and will be £900 richer by the end of the week, I must also add I have never had any money back off the taxman before.
I would advise anyone to use the bookkeeping service it really is FANTASTIC”


I didn’t believe you could help me as I have an account that I have used for years.
In fact, I was sure you couldn’t, but decided to try you out anyway.
Very impressed – even my accountant learned quite a bit about what I could actually claim in my self employed role as a distributor for a networking company.
600 pounds back already, and we’re now working on the previous years”

“Cannot thank you enough for the excellent service I received from your team, my tax account had been in trouble for several years due to some awful advice given to me by so called accountants. I have had a couple of telephone calls with you that has worked wonders with my account, cleared up any issues which would have been a problem with the Tax office and I have been notified of a Tax rebate been paid to me in the coming days.
What a fantastic job, thank you so much”

You have done it again. I run my own business and have had my accountant do all the self assessment TAX, until this year. I decided to give your service a go and after a 45min telephone call you worked out what I, and my accountant, were doing wrong. So in went the TAX claim for the year and a fantastic cheque back for £270. That pays for my bookkeeping subscription easily. However you told me to go back to my accountant and get him to claim a refund for the previous year and today i have received another cheque from the Inland Revenue for £550. Thank you very much for all your work in this situation and if any people are reading this and are not registered for this service then why are you still reading - get registering. Its a fantastic tool”

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